SAS 011 – In the Lab – Server 2016 Configuring AD, DNS, DHCP & File Server

In today’s show we will continue working in the lab.  I walk through the process of deploying Active Directory on a new Server 2016 VM with DNS and DHCP.  We also setup a file server with a basic network share.


  • One way conversation so far, I want to hear from you
  • Some upcoming topics include server room specs, DR, patch management
  • I got VMRC working on Linux Mint
    • Download the linux .bundle file from VMware
    • Run sudo sh, follow install instructions
  • If you want to catch up go back to episodes 7,8,10.  So far we have
    • Setup VMware ESXi
    • Setup Server 2016 & Windows 10 templates
    • Setup dedicated VLAN for the LAB Follow Up

Today’s Show

  • Cloning VMs in ESXi
  • Setup domain controller, new domain
    • I setup my lab root domain as, but I should have done it just  No real harm, just more to type.
  • Setup DNS
    • Setup forward and reverse zones
  • Set DHCP
    • Setup IPv4 scope
  • Setup VMware client network
    • Set our lab VMs to use the Lab network we created earlier

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