SAS 036 – In The Lab – 42U Rack, 3 VMware Hosts & Server 2019

In this in the lab episode I go over the setup process for my new home lab.  I recently got a full height fully enclosed 4-post rack that prompted me to rethink my whole network setup.  I recorded several videos throughout this build that are linked below.

VMware User Group:


YouTube Videos:

Home Lab: 4-Post Network Rack Planning

In the Lab: 4-Post Rack Completed

In The Lab: 4-post Installing Equipment

In The Lab: Using A Keystone Jack

In The Lab: Basic Network Cable Testing

  • New rack
    • Post adjustments
    • Give space for network cables
    • New location
    • Patch panels
  • Lowering power usage
    • $30/month to $15/month
    • ~200 watts without G6 server
  • 3x HP Elite 8300 Ultra-Slim Desktop
    • 16GB
    • 500GB SSD
    • ESXi 6.7
    • Single NIC
    • Page allocation error
      • Disable UEFI
    • Enable Virtualization Technology
  • vCenter Appliance 6.7
    • 10GB RAM
  • Server 2019 1806
    • Desktop Experience and Core
  • Windows 10 1903


  • Final Thoughts
    • Use for server 2019 testing
    • DevOps Testing, PowerShell & Ansible
    • Building a local AD/Exchange environment to test Office 365 hybrid configuration and migration