SAS 023 – Motivation

Today’s episode is all about getting motivated.¬† If you feel like your stuck spinning your wheels in your IT career this episode will help you get moving!

  • We are motivated for many different reasons
    • Basic needs
      • Food
      • Water
      • Shelter
    • Peer pressure
      • They want
    • Guilt/Fear/Obligation
      • I should
    • Reward
      • I can
    • Internal desire – the most rare
      • I want
  • Why does motivation matter?
    • You will be most satisfied with a career founded on an internal desire
    • Recognition, guild and money will only bring you so much satisfaction
    • You will likely spend 30-40 years working, so you might as well enjoy it
    • You will earn more if you enjoy do
  • How to get motivated
    • Motivation follows action
      • Try something, even if you don’t want to
      • Think about what you have liked in the past
      • Make a plan
      • Take steps toward your goal, anything to get you closer to it
      • Focus on one primary goal for a specific period of time
      • Create affirmation statements
        • I am valuable
      • Identify and remove self limiting beliefs
        • I don’t deserve to make over X
        • Work shouldn’t be fun

Final Thoughts

  • ¬†Feeling that your work matters and that you are making a difference is considered the number one reason for job satisfaction

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