SAS 015 – Why I Love Being A System Administrator

In this episode I talk about why System Administrator is my favorite IT role.

  • Today’s Show
    • This following is highly influenced by my own opinions and experiences
    • The System Administrator role is my favorite in the IT field
    • Education & Experience requirements
      • 4+ years with 4 year degree
      • 8+ years without degree
    • Responsibilities
      • Wide range of technology
      • Highly transferable skills
      • High impact on business goals
    • Compensation –
    • Privately owned company with < 1000 users
      • IT department isn’t too large
      • Company more likely to care
      • More able to move the needle
    • Company culture/IT culture is important
      • Limited on call work
      • Reasonable approach to maintenance, projects and budgeting
      • Employee success encouraged
        • Training available
        • Mentoring available
    • Why
      • I can provide for my family of 6
      • I get to do work that I enjoy and is challenging and rewarding
      • I am proud of my job and the company I work for
      • I can focus on my family when I’m not at work
  • Final Thoughts
    • Don’t focus only on technical skills.  Take time to grow your people skills, public speaking and project management abilities.
    • You may need to switch employers a few times to get the necessary experience, or to land your desired role
      • No one should be holding you back, but don’t rush it.  Be realistic about your experience level.
    • You are in control of your own career.  Yes you can just coast and it won’t really effect you much up front, but what do you want to be doing in 5 years, or 10 years.  If you are not working towards that now it will most likely  never occur.  Prepare now, so that you will be ready when the opportunity arrives.

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