SAS 009 – Managing IT Vendor Relationships


  • Missed from SAS 006
    • Testing Hardware/Software
      • Test everything, try to break it
      • Don’t assume anything
    • Testing backups
      • Monthly backup tests
      • Quarterly disaster recovery tests
      • Annual business continuity tests

Today’s Show – Managing IT Vendor Relationships

  • Everyone will need an IT vendor at some point, so build good relationships for when you need them
    • Staffing help
    • Emergencies
    • Technical assistance for core infrastructure
  • Evaluation process
    • Reputation
    • Size
    • Cost
      • Price is important, but isn’t everything
    • Core competencies
    • Availability
    • Location
    • Qualify engineer who will actually be doing the work – these are often the best relationships
  • Contract Review
    • Larger companies won’t budge much
    • This is the basis of the relationship
  • Fixed price vs T&M vs Not to Exceed

Final Thoughts

    • Implement changes over time
    • They work for you,  you can override their recommendations


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