SAS 029 – Arbitrary Update – Lync/AudioCodes Troubleshooting, HP Server Workstation & Behind the Podcast

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This episode is an update of what I’ve been working on recently.

  • Lync/AudioCodes
    • Setting up a new gateway
    • Working with a vendor
    • We are going ultimately responsible for the support and reliability of our solutions
      • Cloud and on premises¬†
  • HP ML350 G6
    • 48GB Ram
    • 2x Xeon E5530
    • 1TB Samsung Evo SSD
    • Sata III Card
    • USB 3 Card
    • Windows 10
  • Behind the Podcast
    • Approaching 1 year consistent
    • Approaching 10k downloads
    • 175 Subscribers, 300+ downloads per episode
    • Limited user feedback
    • Video in the Lab
    • I’m having a ton of fun
    • Live-stream Q&A session on Thursday 9/5 at 9pm EST
SAS 028 – In the Lab with pfSense and OpenVPN
SAS 030 – YouTube Live Stream Q&A

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