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SAS 012 – Building a Server Room

DemarcServer Room
Server Room Diagram

In today’s episode I go over all the requirements for building or remodeling a server room.

  • Today’s Show – Building a Server Room
    • New construction or remodel
    • Project Management
      • Depending on the scope IT maybe expected to manage this project
      • If not managed by IT you will want to ensure you are involved as early as possible
    • Communication
      • Email is best to communicate instructions
      • It’s good to review, debate and plan in person or on the phone, but follow meetings up with emails outlining what is being done, by who and by when
      • If possible have someone take meeting notes
      • Room location
        • 1st floor or above, not a basement  if possible
        • Opening to an office area, not a shop or garage
        • Away from outside walls
        • No windows
      • Room size
        • 2 racks minimum, 10′ x 10′
        • Will provide at least 3′ on every side
      • Floor, walls, ceiling
        • 9′ drop  ceiling
        • Full height walls, no crawl spaces above the ceiling to other rooms
        • Painted drywall
        • Anti-Static floors
      • Door
        • Metal if possible
        • Open out
        • Locking
      • Lightning
        • LED if possible
        • Above from and rear of racks
      • A/C
        • Dedicated split unit
        • Calculate size
      • Power
        • Input  power requirements
          • Hard line / Plug Type
          • Amps
        • UPS, Calculate size & run time
        • PDU
        • Generator backup
      • Racks
        • 7′ H, 3′ D, 2′ W
        • Cable management  6″
      • KVM
        • Console & KVM Switcher
      • Demarc
        • 3/4 Plywood, Painted
        • Outlets fed from UPS
      • Access Control
        • Unique key or electronic lock
      • Environmental Monitoring
        • Report of Temp, Humidity, Water
      • Storage
        • Cabinet
        • Safe
    • Budget
      • Sometimes dictated, sometimes generated by IT
      • Should include all materials and labor
      • Include time required by internal resources, so you can plan accordingly
  • Final Thoughts
    • Many companies will not see the value in building a proper server room, do research to advocate for it
    • If you do not get involved early in the conversation it will be an afterthought and very difficult to do it properly
    • Server rooms don’t change very often, so expect that you will need to make it work for the next 5-10 years of growth
    • As with any negotiation divide you requirements into needs and wants.   Don’t fight so hard for what you want that you cannot get what you need

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