SAS 005 – In the Lab with VirtualBox


In Today’s episode I take a look at using VirtualBox on Linux Mint.  I have included a few pictures of the hardware I use in this episode.  This is a fairly old setup but the performance is good mostly because of the SSD drive.



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SAS 004 – Facing Fear


Today’s show is all about facing fear and getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Is fear holding you back?
  • Do you put off tasks that you are not sure how to do?
  • Have you not applied for position you don’t feel qualified for?
  • Fear is a normal part of life
  • It is hard to grow without facing some fears
  • What do I do?
    • I take on things outside of my comfort zone
    • Start somewhere
    • What is the worst that can happen?
    • Ask questions, get more information
    • Remember, you won’t always feel this way
  • Final Thoughts
    • Fear can be a hindrance or a motivator

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SAS 003 – The Basics of Problem Solving


Today’s episode answers listener feedback and explains the basics of problem solving.

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  • Listener Q&A
    • Example degree
      • AAS Computer Information Systems
        • Computer User Support Specialist
        • 25k – 40k
      • Lab Equipment Cost
        • DL360 G7, 8 Cores, 32GB – $220
        • DL360E G8, 16 Cores, 32GB – $320
  • Today’s Show
    • The Basics of Problem Solving
      • Users report symptoms not problems
      • Break/Fix
        • Verify the issue
          • Can it be reproduced?
          • Other users affected?
        • Is a work around available?
        • Printer example
          • User reports unable to print
            • Where are you?
            • Which printer?
            • When did this happen?
            • When did you last print successfully?
            • What are you printing?
            • How urgently do you need it printed?
              • Try another printer as a quick workaround
              • Offer to print it for them if urgent
            • Can you get online?
            • Printer Testing
              • Check if printer is online
              • Check supplies / Status
              • Check print server
              • Test print from another computer
            • PC Testing
              • Network connection
              • Correct printer selected?
              • Default printer correct?
              • Correct driver?
              • Print spooler service restart
              • Computer restart
              • Printer port correct
        • Feature or Project Request
          • Define the requirements and scope
          • Validate resolution path
            • Training on deployed solution
              • User already has the ability to do what they are requesting
            • Deploy standard solution
              • The requirements fit an existing solution already deployed to others
              • Manager approval required
            • Investigate and deploy new solution
              • Validate the request by user’s manager
              • Research candidates that meet requirements and scope
              • Demo top candidate, include business community as needed
              • Management approval
              • Deploy solution
        • Final Thoughts
          • User Training
            • Users have less issues when they are properly trained
          • Communication is key
            • Especially if a problem will take some time to resolve

SAS 002 – Let’s Talk Training


Today’s episode is all about the training options available for IT professionals today.

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